Kern High Scholarships | About Us
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About Us

Kern High School Teachers for Student Achievement

Kern High School Teachers for Student Achievement is a nonprofit organization started by full-time classroom teachers and members of the Kern High School Teachers Association.


Our mission

We provide teachers in the Kern High School District with an opportunity to contribute directly to the continuing academic or vocational education of our most promising underprivileged students.

2018 Scholarship Recipients

Aman Manan
Gerson Cruz
Valeria Chavez
Uchechi OkeyDike
Luis Zavala
Warren Alphonso
Hope Burton
Grace Burton
Ana Medal
Liliana Regpala
Daniela Gutierrez
Shaira Vargas

2017 Scholarship Recipients

Bryson McCathron
Louren Arjon
Annalisa Dailo
Carolina Ramirez Moreno
Baljot Sekhon
Gemma Trujillo
Francisco Cervantes
Tanashi Chopra
Megan Palmer
Caitlin Wheelan

2016 Scholarship Recipients

Rebecca Gallis
Alasia Khiev
Stephanie Chao
Jose Mendoza
Riley Raegan
Morgan Searcey
Alexis Adjei
Connor Morrow
Jose Soto Cabrera
Ahlam Ahmed

2015 Scholarship Recipients

N. Herrera
C. Sanchez
L. Titcomb
M. Marquez